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Earphones Headset Sports Bluetooth Sound Quality – SOUNDMAGIC E10BT

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Earphones Headset Sports Bluetooth Sound Quality – SOUNDMAGIC E10BT

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Earphones Headset Sports Bluetooth Sound Quality – SOUNDMAGIC E10BT
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Detail Produk Earphones Headset Sports Bluetooth Sound Quality – SOUNDMAGIC E10BT

Earphones Headset Sports Bluetooth Sound Quality – SOUNDMAGIC E10BT Original


Sangat cocok untuk Anda yang suka Bass Powerfull tanpa menghilangkan Detail Sound Quality. Selain harga terjangkau, jaminan garansi 1 tahun resmi oleh SOUND MAGIC Indonesia dengan full replacement bukan service apalagi garansi abal abal yang tidak jelas oleh seller lain, produk ini juga memiliki kualitas yang telah diakui oleh berbagai media mancanegara dengan bintang 5 Full. Percayakan produk SOUNDMAGIC Original hanya di kami, JM Cell Surabaya.


About SoundMAGIC E10BT Bluetooth Earphones

High-grade audio and innovative design made the SoundMAGIC E10 an award winning contender in the portable listening world. With the E10BT version SoundMAGIC have taken the celebrated design a step further by adding the latest Bluetooth wireless connectivity with high-resolution sound. Retaining the same compelling bass and musical detail as the wired model, the E10BT plays non-stop wireless music for up to 12 hours in high-fidelity with 24-bit resolution.

SoundMAGIC’s engineers have carefully tuned the E10BT drivers to reproduce a heavy but clear bottom end. This superb earphone punches well above its weight in sound quality. Delivering deep rolling bass balanced with superb musical detail, the E10BT creates an exciting and fun listening experience with crisp highs and sweet mid range.

Sitting comfortably in the ear canal, the E10BT ensures hours of fatigue-free listening fun. The in-ear design combined with the correct eartips makes sure the sound is not lost or diluted. Compatible with all smartphones, the E10BT incorporates a robust and lightweight 3-button remote and microphone enabling full control of music and calls on smartphones.

Refined Musical Detail

Capable of delivering 24-bit high resolution audio, the E10BT has been carefully configured to produce exciting sound with powerful bass and balanced musical detail. By utilising Bluetooth v4.1, the E10BT offers rock-solid connectivity, resulting in low levels of interference.

Perfect Fit
Machined in one piece, the E10BT’s aluminium earphone housing is built to withstand the rigours of everyday use while remaining light and comfortable. The large variety of included eartips guarantee a perfect fit regardless of the shape or size of your ears.

Long Battery Life
With a large Lithium battery, the E10BT allows for 10-12 hours of continuous playback. A handy shirt clip makes the battery unobtrusive and improves the comfortable in-ear fit.

Smartphone Control
The lightweight and durable E10BT remote allows the listener full control over their music and calls. The three large buttons make it easy to adjust the playback volume, start and stop playback, skip tracks and answer calls.



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Authenticated Original SOUNDMAGIC Product







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